Two brothers from a small town embark on a journey to find their missing loved one. Intent on finding help along the way, they quickly discover that this would be no normal voyage through the land, but rather would prove to test their strength and courage as they encounter many strange happenings and strange creatures. They are determined, however, not to give up the search…regardless of the cost.

Meanwhile, the Queen of the capital city of Kiradon finds herself entangled in a mission to save, not only her life, but the lives of everyone in the land.

“The Fields of Aratek” invites readers to become immersed in a tale that is filled with beautiful landscapes, love and passion, the pains of death, and characters that grip the hearts of those who dive deep into their individual struggles and successes. It offers a new perspective on the Fantasy genre and delivers a captivating storyline that will intrigue adolescents and adults alike.

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